Posted on: February 14, 2009 6:37 am

Bud Selig should resign!

It has come to this: every baseball player I watched growing up are a bunch of junkies!  Ok, maybe not all, but who knows?  Who'd of thought that Jose Canseco would come off looking like the only person who tells the truth.  Truthfully, I don't fault the players, I blame baseball, or more to the point - I blame Bud Selig! 

I remember watching the Oakland Athletics take the field in the early 90's and thinking: "Jesus!  These guys look like a football team in baseball uniforms."  I have never been surprised to find out they were juicing - I'm surprised that everyone else is surprised!  So after listening to Selig's condemnation of A- Rod, I think he should resign immediately.  First of all, the steroid era and the Bud Selig era are one and the same.  He turned a blind eye to what was going on - and now he kicks a player while he's down when the results should have never been released.  Second, Bud has no integrity, he showed that when he duped the Wisconsin taxpayers out of a new stadium with promises of a better Brewer team before he cut payroll in half.  I think Bud should pardon all of the players guilty of steroids before 2004, take responsibility for not policing his sport better, and resign.

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